Avita: Welcome to our collection of Spring 08, Summer 08, and Winter 08.....enjoy!

Where We Came From: Eco Conscious Collections.

Avita Pioneered the use of Bamboo, Recycled Cashmere and Organic Cotton with High Fashion.

And Avita champions the fashion of the future, where style meets sustainability. Our lush knitwear is at once sophisticated and playful, casual and elegant. Every line is crafted from environmentally conscious and totally sumptuous materials. And the look is gorgeous, carefree and simply splendid. We are currently selling at various high end boutiques across the United States.

What We Are Today: A Collaboration of Eco Designers at Avita Co-Op.

(Los Angeles, CA) - AVITA, the luxury contemporary line of cashmere and bamboo items, launches its flagship store AVITA COOP at 8213 West Third Street in the hip retail area of West Hollywood on May 1, 2007 7-10PM.Avita co-op is a Los Angeles eco-fashion and lifestyle retail store that is dedicated to supporting both emerging and established sustainable trend setting brands that fit the L.A.  

Where We Are Going: Avita Network .

Did you know that the $1 Trillion dollars we spend every year for the production of clothes accounts for nearly half of the pollutants in our drinking water supply?  

The fastest growing segment of the textile industry is for organic and eco friendly material; material that is manufactured and worn with much less damage to our water supply. Clearly customers and citizens of the planet want to enjoy the benefit of eco friendly apparel and accessories.

Avita is expanding its name to avitaNetwork and joining forces with the environmentally savvy of our industry to accelerate the world’s adoption of eco friendly clothing. If you are a designer, consumer, textile manufacturer or have an interest in a cleaner environment, please contact us at Amanda@avitastyle.com



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